The Watcher


Growing up in the Wastelands, Ava’s learned to dodge raiders, avoid cesspool towns, and hide from the collectors at The Gates. While it’s not the most glamourous lifestyle, it’s a carefree existence full of exploration and mystery with family at her side. One she’s desperate to return to after being abducted by snake-like aliens and sold into captivity. Ava will do whatever it takes to gain her freedom and reunite with her family. Even if it means crossing the dangerous universe alone.
Watcher Balraj’s job is to secure the borders of Dimonic space. No one in and no one out — it’s a duty he takes seriously. One that has kept his reclusive species a mystery to outsiders for ages and free of intergalactic drama. At least it was — and then a tiny human female drifted into his territory. Balraj instantly recognizes Ava as his mate. She’s just as fierce as she is beautiful, and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to see her happy.
Too bad the only thing she wants is to leave him and search for her family.

The Watcher

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