Battle Witch (Witch’s Mate Two)


Jo was an oddity among her family of witches. While they could heal the sick or talk to animals, she was a battle witch. Unfortunately, a group seeking to use the witches’ powers or destroy them attack her home. Ordered to run instead of fight, Jo triggers an escape spell left to her by her mother–a spell that would transport her to a strange, alien world. Now on the run, Jo finds acceptance in the arms of an unlikely ally as she searches for her family.
Tall, strong Ru was a powerful Minotaur warrior in his village. As his siblings found mates and moved from home, he held back, looking for the right mate. When a scrimmage turns bloody, he finds his reason for living after she falls at his feet.
They’ll need each other to save those they love, but will they come to terms with the love they feel for one another?

Battle Witch (Witch’s Mate Two)

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