Walk With Me (Home #6) by Cardeno C.

When Eli Block steps into his parents’ living room and sees his childhood crush sitting on the couch, he starts a shameless campaign to seduce the young rabbi. Unfortunately, Seth Cohen barely remembers Eli and he resolutely shuts down all his advances. As a tenuous and then binding friendship forms between the two men, Eli must find a way to move past his unrequited love while still keeping his best friend in his life. Not an easy feat when the same person occupies both roles.

Professional, proper Seth is shocked by Eli’s brashness, overt sexuality, and easy defiance of societal norms. But he’s also drawn to the happy, funny, light-filled man. As their friendship deepens over the years, Seth watches Eli mature into a man he admires and respects. When Seth finds himself longing for what Eli had so easily offered, he has to decide whether he’s willing to veer from his safe life-plan to build a future with Eli.

Review by Paulina Woods

Having read about these two in other books hearing their story was amazingly satisfying.


Eli fell in love at the tender age of eleven with a camp councilor but didn’t really act on it until he was eighteen. Than it was balls out lets do this. Having a mom and dad who supported his lifestyle and actually worked hard to make him feel accepted, helped him have a well adjusted childhood.


Poor Seth. He is a rarity in the world. He is actually bi but didn’t really explore his attraction to men until later in life. Watching him run from Eli was funny as hell and I was with Eli parents when they said "Finally."


This book is an amazing read and I will be visiting it again, real soon.

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