Touch of Desire by Lia Davis

As the wolf senior enforcer, Torin Fisher’s job is to protect the pack and each of its members. That includes the beautiful submissive wolf, Cora Rivers. He’s known for a while she belongs to him, but he decided to wait for her to come to him willingly. Since her brother’s death, he’s watched her withdraw from the Pack little by little. Tired of sitting by watching her suffocate her wolf, he decides the time has come to claim her.


Cora Rivers is no stranger to pain. Just as she comes out of her mourning over her parents’ brutal murder, her brother—and best friend—suffers the same horrifying death. Grief cripples her and in attempt to learn to be independent, she inadvertently stifles her wolf by not letting her out to play on a regular basis. When Torin Fisher, begins the mating dance, her only choice is to run.


Together they have a chance to not only release her wolf, but find the connection and future they both deserve.

Review by Paulina Woods

This is a cute short read that I loved greatly. Cora is a submissive who has lost the ability to shift. Well not really her wolf is just too scared to come out. Torin is an enforcer with a super alpha spirit. They both know they are mates but Cora's past keep them apart. If you are looking for a story to read to pass the time on a rainy day, this is it.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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