Through A Portal

The human realm is no longer safe for witches. They are being hunted once again. To protect the new generation, the older is sending them to a new realm. A realm where Minotaurs protect and love them. 

Being a witch in the modern world was just has hard as in the middle ages. Mia had to hide her powers, and that of her little girl, so they wouldn’t be ostracized by society. On All Hallow Eve, they are pulled from their world into one of unimaginable creatures and adventures. For the first time in her life Mia finds herself falling for a man who could prove to be her life mate. He is kind, protective and provides for them without question. He is the perfect man, if only he was a man.

Ni’am hadn’t found the female he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Everything changed when he was left for dead on a battlefield and two small females saved his life. From one heartbeat to the next, he was totally theirs and they his. Now he must convince the dam that he’s devoted to her and her offspring. But can she love someone who looks like a monster?

Ripping someone apart from their molecular level, easy. Getting one over on her auntie and sneaking out of the house, child’s play. Knowing how to pick the right man, impossible.Jo had everything figured out, from who she was going to marry, to how many children they would have. It blinded her to the evil heart hiding behind the smile of her fiancé. On the run and cut off from her family, Jo finds acceptance in the most unlikely places.

Ru wasn’t a warrior, but he would fight to protect his village. As his siblings found mates and moved from home, he felt there was something out there, waiting for him. A scrimmage turned bloody, he found his reason for living after she fell at his feet.They’ll need each other to save those they love, but will they come to terms with the love they feel for one another?