The Source

Before man walked the earth, the primal gods created the world as a place to rest. The streams flowed with the purest healing waters and the grass was soft beneath their feet. For long years, the gods of the five elements—fire, water, air, earth and space—strolled and admire their work, stopping to smell the flowers and running their hands through the silky sands of the beaches. As they spent more time on earth, they talked about creating creatures to share the world with them.

The goddess of earth created animals on four legs to run in the forest, gallop over the plains and soak up the sun in the deserts. The god of water created animals to fill the oceans and lakes. From the smallest to the largest he crafted them to thrive. The goddess of air created birds and insects to fly through the air in all colors and sizes. The god of fire created balance, bringing storms to cleanse and heal. The god of spirit breathed life into each creation.

The gods watched as the animals adapted to every part of the world, from the highest mountain to the lowest parts of the ocean. Now as the gods sat and talked they could watch the deer frolic in the meadows and the dolphins swim in the oceans. Birds, bees and all manner of other flying animals helped the pollination of the plants and the gods were happy.

Centuries went by, flowing like days to the gods, and the gods grew bored once again. The animals were fun to watch, fun to interact with, but they were not intelligent beings. They could not hold a conversation and did not worship their creators. The gods once again put their heads together and talked. This time they agreed upon what they believed would be an improvement.

Each taking a small part of themselves, the gods created the Fae. As perfect in form as the gods, they were each given the ability to manipulate the elements and a never ending life. For a while the Fae lived peacefully in the world they were given. They planted food, took care of the animals and grew a civilization. The gods would come and visit as mortals and were pleased with their creation. Patting themselves on the back, the gods retired to the heavens, leaving the Fae to live their lives, but keeping a watchful eye over the world, their first creation.

As time went by and the Fae lost contact with the gods, they started to see themselves as powerful beings, perhaps even gods themselves. A great war broke out and the Fae split into two parts, the Dark Fae and the Light Fae. The Light Fae strove to live the old way and keep the earth pure. They used their magic to heal the animals and the earth from the damage of the Dark. The Dark strove to become all-powerful and tried creating, but instead of forming new life, their constructions became corrupt and twisted, causing the world to suffer. Oceans became black, trees dried up and died, and animals became mutated.

The Light Fae tried fighting back and during centuries of conflict destroyed what little was left of the world, until it was no longer recognizable as the paradise the gods had created. The sound of the world dying reached the gods’ ears and they rushed to render aid, but found they were almost too late. Sorrow filled their hearts. The world they had worked so hard to craft had become a wasteland. Creating a separate pocket in the universe, they placed the Fae behind a veil, and started to cleanse the land.

Taking dirt from the earth and magic from the air the gods mixed the compound with their saliva, creating humans. With no magical ability, these beings tended the earth, learning to grow their own food, hunt for substance and build their homes. They thrived. Reluctant to leave the world to fate once again, the gods stayed for a while, but saw no corruption and soon departed. Before leaving they took the source of their powers, ether, the building blocks of life, and buried them below the largest mountain. Not wanting the source to fall into the wrong hands, the gods hid the mountain from view of humans and spelled it against the Fae, in the event they somehow returned.

Many more centuries passed. As the humans grew, the Fae watched—and hated—from behind the veil until finally, they found a way back. The Fae took their anger toward the gods for imprisoning them out on the humans. Taking on the forms of gods, they forced the humans into slavery and killed anyone who resisted, until none remained. Even a few of the Light Fae fell to the temptation of power. With a heavy heart the gods once again intervened and placed the Fae back behind the veil.

Making the earth inhabitable once again gave the gods time to ponder their past mistakes. When balance was restored, the gods decided to try a different approach. Five species would be created, each taking on the ability of a different element, and when working together, the world would stay balanced. Four would draw their life source from the four elements—earth, water, fire and air. The fifth would be formed of a little of each element and given the power to bend space and time. Given a strong desire to protect all life forms, these complex beings became guardians of all.

For their combined powers to be at their strongest, the gods waited for a full moon and a coinciding comet that only passed the earth every five hundred years. When the night came, they approached the hidden mountain. Each god of the four major elements held a part of themselves in their hands while the fifth held a swirling, colorful sphere made of them all. Standing in a semicircle, the gods faced the mountain.

The first god to approach the mountain had hair of fire and stormy gray eyes. He carried two flames, flickering and dancing in his grasp. Kneeling, he cupped his hands and blew, until two glass figures formed, one male and one female. Laying them down facing west he chanted:

“You are given dominion over Fire, guard it well.” Looking at the female, the god said, “With the power to burn and mend you will care for your young and help guard your mate’s back.” Looking at the male, he spoke again. “You will be strong and provide for those who are weaker. The earth will call to you and you will use that call to produce substance.” Touching their shoulders, he continued, “You will gain strength from the source.”

Stepping back, the god watched as new humans, with the power of fire burning in their eyes, rose from the figures on the ground and formed. With a wave of his hands he divided them into many and flung them to the four corners of the earth.

The second to approach was a beautiful goddess with long, raven hair, which flowed around her shoulders. Wherever she stepped, new life sprang up and even on this sacred ground, small animals followed her. Cupped in her hands was a small amount of fertile soil. Kneeling, she spit, turning the saliva into clay. She molded a female and male from this clay. Laying them facing the east, she chanted:

“You are given dominion over the Earth, guard it well.” Looking at the female, the goddess said, “The animal spirit is strong in you. Take on the form of the animals around you and protect the wild.” Looking at the male, “Protect your mate and watch over her and your young as they sleep. Run wild but always come home.” She touched them both on the shoulder. “You will gain strength from the source.”

Stepping back, the goddess watched as wereanimals, with the scent of earth clinging to their skin, rose from the figures on the ground and formed. With a wave of her hands she divided them into many different species and flung them into the forests of the earth.

The third to approach was a god with flashing blue eyes. Mist followed behind him and cupped in his hand was a sphere of water. Kneeling, he blew on the sphere until it took on two distinct forms, female and male with the lower half of a fish. Laying them facing south, he chanted:

You are given dominion over the Water, guard it well.” Looking at the female, the god said, “The oceans will be your home, you will find strength in the storms.” Looking at the male, “Protect against those who wish to destroy that which is yours. Dwell deep below the waves.” He touched them both on the shoulder. “You will take strength from the source.”

Stepping back, he watched as mermaid and merman, with stormy seas in their eyes, rose from the figures on the ground and formed. With a wave of his hands they divided, wavered and disappeared to the four oceans of the earth.

The fourth to approach was a goddess whose form was not solid, but shimmered, as if she were constantly in motion. Small wind tornados followed in her wake. Cupped in her hand was one such tornado. Kneeling, she shaped and blew on the whirling wind until two forms became noticeable. Laying them facing north, she chanted:

“You are given dominion over the Air, guard it well.” Looking at the female, the goddess said, “You will hold your mates heart, give him his humanity. Take nourishment from those around you and cleave to your mate.” Looking at the male, “You will protect the night and bring peace to those around you. The sun will bring you pain yet the moon peace.” The goddess touched both on the shoulder. “You will take strength from the source.”

Stepping back, she watched as vampires, with the night sky reflected in their eyes, rose from the figures on the ground and formed. With a wave of her hands, they divided and disappeared into the darkest parts of the earth.

The last figure to approach was a being almost as tall and wide as the mountain itself. On his back, he had wings of the purest white and in his hands he held a swirling sphere of colors. Kneeling, he pushed and pressed until the sphere divided and formed a male and a female. Laying them in the middle of the other figures, he chanted:

“You are given dominion over Space and Time, guard it well. You are the Guardians charged with keeping the world safe from the Fae and any others who rise up to destroy. Walk unnoticed in the day, become invisible in the night, fly in the sky, find nourishment from the water, burn that which brings harm to others. You shall be part of this world, but set apart. You will take strength from the source.”

Stepping back, the god watched as gargoyles, with wings snapping from their backs, rose from the figures on the ground and formed. With a wave of his hand, the air split and the gargoyles disappeared into a different realm, leaving behind small portals by which they could cross from one plane to the next.

The gods joined hands and gathered their powers until there was a light so blinding not even the small animals could keep watch. They faced the mountain and chanted:

“From the source all life flows. From the source all power comes. The veil is strong and the elements controlled. Every five hundred years, when the comet passes, may the elements come together and dance the Dance of Peace to keep the veil strong. As we have spoken, it has been done.”


The gods were pleased with their work and departed for their home far above the world they had created.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

© 2019 by PAULINA WOODS.

All work is from the imagination of Author Paulina Woods