Surrender the Heat by Karida Clarke

Phoenix Warrior Ryker is intense, brooding, and insanely hot, but after the murder of his flame bond, he’s also missing a part of his soul.

Still bent on demon vengeance, Ryker saved a witch from a group of demons months back, but little did he know she wasn’t the victim. After defeating her attempts to take over the human realm, he now seeks her recapture at all costs.

Zhiane, a fierce demon bounty huntress with death and loss in her past as well, is close to achieving her ultimate goal and then settling into retirement. Zhiane strikes a deal with Ryker--in exchange for a few favors, Ryker will have his witch. But when the tasks are completed, neither is sure what the true prize is...

Review by Paulina Woods

It's the quiet ones you need to be scared of and in Ryker's case its true.


When I first met Ryker I fell in love and wanted to know more about the silent tortured man. With a part of his soul missing he is no longer the man his fellow warriors remember. He lives to protect the humans from things that go bump in the night and goes back to his silent home and grieves the death of his flame bond.


Zhiane is one sexy demon. I love demons but she is the sexiest I have read about in a long time, and I read a LOT of books with demons. She is sassy and keeps Ryker on his toes and his flame burning hot. She is out to avenge her family from, well you have to read it to find out, and gets Ryker to help her.


As they travel through different realms looking for an artifact they have to depend on each other and soon they fall in love. The sheets heat up and the desert witch, the new one, shows up and she is just as amazing as I remember. I am looking forward to the next book and I am pretty sure who the next to fall is.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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