Spooky Sojourn by Ashley Ladd

Someone’s trying to kill Deanna, but is it the ghosts she doesn’t believe in, the rich socialite who might be a murderess, or someone else with a beef against The Gilroy Hotel and Resort that Deanna has just been hired to manage?  The Gilroy’s owners want the ghosts, or whoever is causing the trouble at the hotel eliminated, and they are pressuring Deanna to do the job as quickly as possible. Harry DeVeaux, paranormal investigator comes highly recommended to do the job and against Deanna’s better judgment, she hires him.


Although Deanna thinks Harry’s crazy for believing in ghosts and Harry thinks Deanna has a closed mind to the possibilities of ghosts and they highly annoy each other, sparks fly. Deanna can’t help but fantasize about Harry and inspired by a romance convention visiting her hotel, writes her fantasies in a private blog that Harry finds, hacks, and reads. Ooh la la!

Review by Paulina Woods

This was an interesting read.


Deanna is a very believable character and one many people can relate too. She believes there has to be a rational explanation for the “ghost” in the haunted hotel she is managing. The daily drama she faces and the applicants she interviews are sometimes pretty funny.


Harry is an interesting character. I he is kind of fickle and sometimes I just didn’t care for him. Honestly I think he is bipolar. He would be so caring one moment and storm out the next, rinse and repeat. After the second time of him behaving this way I was wondering why she was with him.


Some of the parts of the story could have been expanded on a little more and sometimes things were mentioned and it was a surprise. An example: Deanna was getting ready for her date and one sentence, in the middle of her doing her hair, was ‘housekeeping didn’t clean her room’. Um OK. I didn’t ask.


I was skeptical going into this book. Most ghost stories lave me with a bad taste in my mouth and when romance is added it’s blah. Ashley did a great job of making this story believable.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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