Revitalized by Jessica Cage

Alexa, who spent the last 2 years of her life suffering from a crippling disease, is cured by a potion her grandmother leaves behind before abandoning her. She then finds out her family is descendants of a Vampire race, from a Lacal who she inexplicably drawn to whenever he is near. It’s Lacal's job to retrieve Alexa & bring her back to accept her new life. Will she run away from their bond or will she return with him & accept her title as Vampire Queen.

Review by Paulina Woods

Five Stars

I have never been a fan of any vampire book that strays away from myth. That mans they should need to drink blood, shouldn’t walk in the daylight and should not sparkle. I have put down books that have not kept to myth but this time I just couldn’t.


Alexa is a character that you start to feel very deeply for in the first few sentences. She is a shut-in who has lost all connection with the outside world. Than in three days time her whole world is changed and she is tossed into a fight to save the universe.


Her companion is Lacal is an interesting man because he is not dominate. Again this is not usually the type of man I like to read about but he tugged at my heartstrings and I fell in love.


Together they form an unbreakable bond. This book had no sex but a lot of sexual tension and I was ok with that. I think the end of the book was the best. I was upset than I laughed.


This is a must read and will show another side of the vampire race.

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