Rescued by Her Relic (To Love a Relic Book One) ebook


Brandy is a nobody inside The Gate.

Or at least she was until the authorities discovered her grandmother and mother were a part of the Resistance.

Now Brandy is an outcast, banished to the wastelands as an example to any who would dare challenge the government’s authority. But banishment won’t stop her from fulfilling her family’s mission—resending the SOS into deep space that can rescue all of humanity.

Ja’Ivan inherited a dead planet.

As the leader of his clan, his only recourse is to scavenge the universe and steal the resources his people need to survive.

When he takes the Eden portal to Earth, a curious and familiar signal leads him to the one thing he isn’t looking for.

A dying human mate.

If you’re a fan of cyborg romance, strong willed heroines, and space adventure, then this is your book!

Rescued by Her Relic (To Love a Relic Book One) ebook

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