Designing a Better Website

Have you ever gone to a website and immediately left because music started playing or a video slowed down the load time? Or maybe the font was tacky and made your eyes hurt? A common mistake many artists, business people and others make when creating a website is trying to be too creative. Yes, a website can be too creative. You want to grab your visitor and get them to click through to your main purpose for having a website. If you are an author, you want them to check out your books. If you sell clothing, you want them to browse your online catalog. If you are a blogger, you want them to come back daily or weekly, to read new content. Color, layout, and ease of use matter.

With so many DIY programs out there like WIX, BLOGGER, WORDPRESS, etc, people are forging their own way. Which isn't a bad thing, as learning new mediums of advertising is useful but no one person can be an expert in everything. Money spent on a social media class, a cover designer, or an editor, is expenses that are money well spent. The same can be said about a website designer. A designer won't have the intimate knowledge of your work and will be working off an outline you provide. They will know what will work to draw clients in and encourage a click through.

The most satisfying feeling is when you start seeing visitors who not only come to visit but subscribe and buy. Don't let an unattractive or unresponsive website hurt your business. Talk to me, and we can come up with something that will showcase your creativity while still being easy to use.

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