A Mile A Minute

Another night has passed and I'm sitting on my couch hoping my medication starts working soon. My mind is jumping all over the place and even though I have a lot of work to accomplish I can't focus on any of it. So I've decided that as I wait I will try and write down all the books waiting on me to get to them and/or series waiting to be finished. Here goes nothing.

Witches Amulet

  1. Stone Guardian

  2. Captive Guardian

  3. Broken (novella)

  4. Dual Guardian

  5. Hidden Guardian (coming)

  6. Royal Guardian (coming)

  7. Conquering Guardian (coming)

Nexella Others

  1. Bethany's Salvation

  2. Amanda's Rescue

  3. Ruth's Escape

African Shaman Tales

  1. Keeper of Secrets

  2. Beauty's Beast

  3. Dragon's Mark (coming)

  4. Dark Promise (coming)

Genie's World

  1. A Genie's Sacrifice

  2. A Genie's Promise (coming)

  3. A Genie's Love (coming)

Wervic (syfy romance)

  1. Sarah's Pack

Relic (cyborgs)

  1. Cyborg Reborn (coming)

  2. Taken Apart (coming)

  3. Forsaken (coming)

So I was going to keep going but it seems my pills are kicking in. I can finally get some sleep before my head splits from no sleep. Maybe when I wake up I can start on one of the books on my list. Get some things done.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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