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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

In recent months I have been working hard to keep up with a brutal publishing schedule. This has been on top of me getting promoted at work to a full time bartender.

With the promotion came a new look at where I want to accomplish this year. I now the year is almost over but there's time for me to still get things done.

Number one - a new logo. I won a contest put on by Amanda Walker PA & Design Services. She listened and designed a logo better than anything I could even dream up. My girls, Elle Clouse and Amy DeClerk, helped me come up with a tagline that I could live with. These ladies, along with Ishabelle Torry, have been in my corner from the second we started talking. They have listened and helped me through many I-want-to-quit moments.

Number two - rebranding the Witches Amulet Series. My debut book Stone Guardian came out in 2014 I had no idea how to write or publish. I knew how to tell a story but not how to make it where others what I could see what I was seeing from my words. So when I put the first book out I was not surprised to find that I had bad reviews and was discouraged to continue. I let others look at my cover (to the right) and tell me that it was not a clear representation of my story. I let someone tell me that my tense was wrong and should be changed. I even let others dictate how I was going to continue publishing.

As my writing career took off I found that the next three books in this series did not live up to what I had in mind. After publishing book three, Dual Guardian, I decided to put them on hold until I could do them justice. This year seems like a good time to do that and I'm working on getting new covers, better outline and I may or may not merge book one and two into an epic big book. After all they are siblings. I'm looking for readers to go over the first three books and help me get them just right before I start working on book four and five to finish the series.

Number three - producing quicker. I know that many believe that to produce quickly cuts away from the quality but I've found that if I'm on a tight deadline I produce better books. At the moment I'm on a two month deadline roll and hope to keep it up. That does mean I write a lot at night and in the early morning but I'm fine with that, for now. So far this had helped me produce two books in four months and they are two of my best sellers, hint hint.

So with all these new things set up you would think I don't have time to do anything else, wrong. I'm working with a friend to set up a small fantasy conn in 2020 in downtown San Diego. There will be everything from authors, comic book artist, and fantasy cloth designers. It's going to be exciting fun and a lot of hard work. I'm always looking for those who want to help.

I have so many other good ideas running around in my head but I better stop writing them down and start getting them rolling.

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