My Dip into Reverse Harem

Have you ever read a book and wondered what would happen if the girl didn't have to choose? Think of a group of shifters who shared the responsibility for the happiness and safety of one female. How cherished would she be? Personally I'm always hoping the girl gets all the men but alas she usually have to pick one and we are left waiting to see if the other guys meet their happily ever after.

In recent years the RH (reverse harem) has made a strong come back and I'm in heaven as I read through the night. But there's still something missing and after reading Radiant (Valos of Sonhadra Book five) by Naomi Lucas, yes I read out of order, I discovered what was missing. How many books try to capture that alien aspect of writing and fall short? Too many. I'm tired of a male being an alien because he has different color skin.

Give me some Kordolians from The Dark Planet series and I will be a happy woman. So after reading as many of the non human romance books I could get my hands on I decided to write what I want to read. It took me about five weeks to get everything straight and when the characters started to take shape, I was elated. I not only fell in love with the characters in Bethany's Salvation but the characters of the next two books are shoving to get out.

At first I was also going to have one male and one female but the Nextella (my heroes) laughed at me. They were not going to have it. They needed a female who could complete their nest and give them the peace and love they needed.

So I do hope you like my dip in the HR pool. It was fun to write and I'm working on the next two books to get them out as soon as possible.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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