Happy Birthday Amber Kell

First I want to wish a happy birthday month to Amber Kell. I started reading her books a long time ago and still have them as my go to when I'm in a slump. If you haven’t read any of her books I would suggest her Supernatural Mate series. Yes there are alpha males but the beta's find love too and I just love me some December/May romance.

This year I wanted to do something a little different. What's a present a woman can give a man that will last a lifetime? I don't know if Persha planned her present or if all the sexy time just made it so, but her present is top of the line. Enjoy!

Brandon paced rapidly from one end of the hospital hallway to the other. Nurses and patients dodged out of his way as he fought the growl threatening to rumble from his chest. When Persha had first told him she was pregnant he was excited. He was finally going to have his own cubs. He envisioned watching them grow and teaching them to hunt and work the family business. As the months passed and she grew larger so did his worry. She was so small and he was large. How would she fair bearing his cubs? Would he have to choose between them?

A scream rent the air and fur rippled across his skin.

"Calm down, son." His father laid a strong hand on his shoulder and kept pace. "She's a strong woman."

"But the cub is large." Brandon growled. "I should never have gotten her pregnant. I love her and can't lose her."

"Unlike us women are strong." His father squeezed his shoulder as they turned and made their way to the other end of the hallway. "Your mother is small and she had four of you big cubs."

"Mother is a shifter." Brandon stopped and rubbed a hand down his face. "What if her body is not made of this?"

"There's no point in going over what ifs." His father maneuvered him to the side to allow a cart to pass. "Why don't you go get some fresh air? You're not doing anyone any favors pacing like a caged animal."

"I can't leave her."

"Brandon." His mothers excited voice cut through his panic. "Want to meet your daughters?"

Brandon turned to stare at his mother who was poking her head out of Persha's room. His brain tried to make sense of what she said, daughters. "What? No we are having sons?"

His fathers booming laughed bounced off the walls. "Told you guys to check before but you wanted to be surprised. Come on son." His father guided him to the door and his mother stepped back to let them enter. "Lets meet the little girls who are going to wrap you around their little fingers."

He took a deep breath and tried will his heart to stop racing. "I can do this." Brandon walked into the room and stared. Persha was sitting up against a bunch of pillows holding two bundles. She looked up when he entered the rom and smiled.

"Hey honey." She gazed back down at the two babies. "Want to meet your daughters?"

Brandon walked softly to the bed and gentle sat on the edge. He peeked at the two red faced girls tucked securely in blankets. "They are so small."

"And so perfect." Persha said. "They have all their fingers and toes! Want to hold one?"

"I might hurt them." Brandon looked from the cubs to his large work roughened hands. "Maybe when they are older."

"No time like the present." Persha held out on of the babies. "Support her head."

Brandon carefully held his little girl and his heart melted. "What are we going to name them?"

"I was hoping you like Melody and Harmony."

Brandon chuckled. "Like a song?"

"Yes. They are going to be a force when they get older. Half Genie, half shifter."

Brandon frowned. "Has this ever been done before? How will our girls be affected?"

"We will cross that bridge when it time." Persha leaned back. "I think I may need to get some sleep."

Brandon immediately stood. "Do I need to get a nurse?"

"Not yet. Can you put our girls in their warmers?" Persha blinked up at him and he could tell she was about to fall asleep.

"Yes." He laid Melody in the warmer before taking Harmony from Persha and laying her next to her sister. "Get some sleep. I'm going to let my family know we have healthy little girls."

"Thank you." Persha closed her eyes and her breathing evened out.

Brandon stood watching her for a second before going to the door and exiting.

"When can I see my adorable nieces?" One of his brothers asked. "I can't wait to start spoiling them."

"Persha is resting." Brandon smiled. "Melody and Harmony are healthy, whole and doing great."

"I'm proud of you son." His mother gave him a big huge. "I guess Persha wins on giving you the best birthday preset of all time."

Brandon laughed. "I had forgotten it was my birthday." His chest puffed up with pride. "I'm honored to share it with two of the most amazing beautiful talented cubs in the world."

Brandon stayed with his family a few more moments before excusing himself and slipping back in the room. Persha was sleep and he gave her a kiss on the forehead before walking to the warmer. His daughters were holding hands and Melody had her thumb in her mouth.

"Hey cubs." Brandon stroked their soft cheeks. "I promise to take care of you for all times. You will never want for anything. Papa loves you. Happy birthday."

Thank you for reading. If you want to get to know Persha and Brandon better they can be found in A Genie's Sacrifice, which is part of an anthology, All He Wants for Christmas.

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