One Habit I Need To Change

It's no secret that everyone has habits that drive others crazy. It could be something simple like biting fingernails or gross like picking toes. Even those we love have habits that make us what to throw up and beat them across the head but we don't because we love them. Now how many of us will admit to having habits that we find perplexing? How about if I go first.

I hate my hands. Not because they are too fat or too small but because they have nails. I'm a long time nail bitter who has done everything in her power to stop. Hot sauce, fake nails, someone slap me and nothing has worked. I actually like hot sauces on most of my food now. If I'm lucky I can go a week without biting my nails but as soon as I get stressed or bored, nail bitting.

The only thing I find slightly comforting is that I don't bite my nails ugly. They are straight across and look almost like I've cut them. But to me my hands look like man hands with my blunt fingers and no nails. Some day I'm going to beat this habit of nail bitting and have pretty lady hands. I just hope the some day comes before I'm too old to care.

What are some habits that you have that you wish you could stop? Or good habits you wish more people knew about.

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