The Day Someone Tried To Be Me

More than once in everyones life they are told to guard their personal information. Don't give out your SSN, don't use your mothers maiden name as your password and whatever you do, don't throw away paper with your important information on it. For the most part I followed these rules and as the internet marched forward and I started buying online, I made sure to check that each site was official. I thought I was safe but two weeks ago my little bubble burst and I my eyes opened to just how evil humans are.

I am by no means rich or even well off. I pay my bills on time, kinda, and I don't have to eat rice and beans. I guess I can say I'm like most people my age, just getting by. So imagine my surprise when I wake up to a text telling me I had changed my bank information. When? I was sleep for the last six hours and I had just picked up my phone. There was no way I did that in my sleep. Immediately I called my bank and asked what had happened.

The lady I talked to was very nice and explained that I had used my iPhone to change it an hour ago. Impossible, I don't own a iPhone. So she asked for my phone number and email. Surprise surprise, they had been changed. An hour later I threw and two transfers later I threw on some clothes and rushed down to the bank to prove I was me.

After things had settled down and I had changed my account information I headed home with the question why me running through my mind. I mean if they would have gotten into my account they would have gotten $5 and some change. What other motivation did they have and how the hell did they even get the basic information to my account. I started going over everything I had done the night before and the only thing that had changed was I used a website I didn't know to order a new phone.

The link had come from my phone company so I figured it was safe. But I didn't do the one thing I had promised myself, check the site. I had to wipe my phone back to factory setting and run a program on my phone hoping nothing had contaminated it. For the next week I was scared of it happening again but I'm glad it happened when I was able to catch it early.

I hope by telling my story I can spare someone else the pain of it happening to them. Check every site and make sure you keep a close eye on your bank account. People are always looking to take something for nothing.

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