Disastrous School Pictures.

Do you remember when it was school picture time? I was never really excited about it but my mom was so I got up and went to school. She would dress me up so pretty but inevitably, every time, something would go wrong with my outfit or hair. I use to say good thing all of this happened before the age of the computer but my younger sister scanned and uploaded them a few years ago to Facebook. Now the whole world can see what I complete disaster I was at a young age.

When I was in third grade the picture lady decided she knew how to comb my hair. Let's just say my mom was not too happy about the results but still bought a bunch and sent them to the family.

I believe the picture on the right is fourth grade but it could be fifth. I have no idea how the hell I left the house in that shirt but at least my smile was pretty. Also this was taken right before my cousin knocked my vampire teeth out.

I will be forever ashamed of doing my own hair this day. For some reason I thought it was cool to tease my hair until it was so tangled I couldn't comb it for days. In '95 I was in six grade and was taller and more developed than any other girl in school. It made me feel like the boss and also like an outsider. Thank the goddess I grew into those boobs.

If you have any crazy pictures from when you were in school I would love to see them. Remember they can't be as bad as mine, right?

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