Five Months and Counting! Halloween!

June is right around the corner and I'm already thinking of October. While everyone else is doing a countdown to Christmas I'm vibrating for Halloween.

Why? Because it's the time of year when I can be who I am on the inside on the outside. Yeah that was a really tongue twister but I think people get what I mean. I have always dressed up and will continue to do so until they put me in the ground. So how much planning goes into my costumes? Let's just say as soon as November 1st rolls around I'm already thinking of what I want to be next year.

Let see, one year I was a bar maid. That's me on the left. My sister, Pandora, is on the right. This costume actually got me in trouble at my job because they said I was showing too much. Really? Don't be jealous.

Another year I was again a barmaid but this time with a twist. I also worked at a casino and served drinks so it was a perfect outfit.

Oh my favorite year so far was when I dressed as a demon. People went crazy for this outfit and I'm still trying to top it.

This year I'm already getting my costume together but I don't like to share before I debut it, can't have people copying.

So what off shoot holiday do you look forward to and go all out for?

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