If Michelangelo had a nine to five...


Inspiration or the muse, which ever you prefer, is a fickle woman. She comes and goes whenever the mood strikes. This can be at five in the morning or two in the afternoon. When she comes an artist can not ask her to wait or come back at a more opportune time.

Yet many artist try to hold down a day job and write on their free time. Some raise children, go to school and hold down social lives. But what if Michealangelo had a day job as a baker? Would we have any of his great work? Or would he had been forgotten like so many great men?

So what did he have different? Patrons. He had people willing to make sure he had what he needed to produce his art. They fed him, clothed him, and housed him. He was able to work nonstop and we are able to gaze upon some of the finest work of all time.

But today it's frowned upon for artist to have patrons. They are seen as lazy and the lowest of the low of society. Children are told that singing, acting, painting, etc are great but they need a back up. Why? How are we going to have legacies to leave to future generations if our greatest minds have to decide their time between a nine to five and their art?

Thanks to a few like minded souls there are places were people can gain patrons. Places were art is held in high esteem and artist are allowed to grow and prosper.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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