Stop the Madness

I love to sit down and discover the world with my characters. Not knowing what will happen next keeps things fresh and fun. Well that's what I tell myself but at three years in and only five books published, it's time to rethink my approach.

At any given time I have three to five WIP (work in progress) open on my computers. I jumble plot lines, names and events. I even have characters say the wrong name. This madness has got to stop. If I continue on this path I will not make it to the end of Witches Amulet or even another year as an author.

I will toss in the towel and demand people forget i ever wrote a word. So I'm leaving the pantser to the more advanced and heading to the dark side. I will start writing out characters, traits, places and out line the plot. Color coded and organized, I will move from one story to another, smoothly.

Fingers crossed this means I will be able to produce five books this year. Here's to hoping.


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