Are We Just Animals?

I put my Witches Amulet Series on hold for a second because I've had a story beating at my head like crazy. It's a story that will make me have to change my name and join witness protection but I have to write it.

I answer or attempt to answer some very difficult questions, are we just animals? Can we let go of our preconceived notions and revert back to our basic instincts? Will the human part of us allow the human race to continue when we have to choose the most inhuman way of surviving? Well not really inhuman but sacrificing one to preserve many.

In one scene I started to cry as a mother begged those running from the disaster to take her six-month old son. She knew she was about to die but wanted, no needed, her baby to survive. Another mother had her two young girls run into the woods and hide. She told them to stay safe and not come out of hiding until they didn't hear anything.

Since I'm not a mother I can not answer these questions or even know what it feels like to decide. So I did the next best thing and asked a few mothers I know and the answers surprising. Only one said she would sacrifice all her children and go down together. Every single other mother said she would find a way to save her children even if it meant leaving one behind. But when things hit the fan, would they?

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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