Insta love? Naw, insta lust.

I had been working at my current job three months when I first ran into my boyfriend. I was getting drinks ready to serve and he came up asking for water. There was no way I could have known that the sexy older man with the amazing body would end up being my boyfriend.

I can remember the first covo we had.

"Can I get a water," he asked.

"Sure if you fan me."

I handed him a tray to fan me with and he did. After that we talked almost every day from a week before I worked up the courage to ask him out. Being a bookworm, oue first date was a book store.

The second I fell in lust was when he walked up to me while I was reading Beast Behaving Badly by Shelly Laurenston.

He walked over with his chest puffed out and I smile. He reminded me of the character in the book I was reading, a polar bear lion hybrid. Looked tough on the outside but was really sweet.

Five years later I still call him my polar bear. How did you meet your other half? And do you have a nick name for them?

Let Me Tell You A Secret

© 2019 by PAULINA WOODS.

All work is from the imagination of Author Paulina Woods