If I Could Go Back In Time Ten Years

There are times, for whatever reason, when we all think of going back to that moment when everything changed. It could be when you first met the person you're with or that moment you decided to go with one job instead of another. No matter what the circumstances are, we all think of what we could have done better and where we would be today.

Ten years ago I was living on the streets in Fullerton, California with my younger sister. We had just been kicked out of a house owned by a lady in the church we were going to. The elders told us they would find us somewhere to live, that the car situation was only temporary.

Our stuff was in storage, storms were happening every night and we had barely enough food too keep the hunger pains away. I can still remember laying in my car listening to my sister sleep and thinking, "What the hell happened?" We had played by the rules. Church on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. We didn't curse or watch TV. We went to school and worked part time. We were the perfect Pentecostal girls. Did I mention we payed 10% of our income?

Now that I'm older I wish I could go back to that scared, insecure girl and tell her a few things.

1) You did nothing wrong. Sometimes things happen in life that we don't have control over. Instead of letting it define us in a bad way, rise up.

2) You shall overcome. While going through problems there seems to be no way out. Some nights I would cry thinking this was what my life would be like, forever.

3) No one has your best interest in mind, don't rely on others. For six months we waited for the church to find us somewhere to live. We struggled and we cried. It wasn't until we started to do things for ourselves that we were able to get better jobs and move off the streets.

Looking back I see how the experience was one I needed to go through to learn about the world. I'm happy I took the journey but I sure do wish it could have been shorter than a year.

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