Just Another Book Signing

I did a happy dance after I finished my first book signing in Cincinnati, Ohio. I traveled far from home and met some amazing ladies, both authors and readers. Now that I am looking at my second signing, this time only a few miles from my home, I'm getting excited. How many new friends will I make? How many author coffee dates will I set up? It's an exciting time for me but also a scary one. Stepping out on my own and pushing past my comfort zone. I'm just hoping I don't make a fool of myself.

If I don't make a fool of myself and actually have people stop at my table, I'm excited about what I have to offer. This time around I am giving away two signed posters, pens, bookmarks and of course a gift basket. I will also have Duel Guardian (Witches Amulet Book Three) available for preorder, fingers crossed.

So if you are anywhere near Rancho Cucamonga, Ca next month, stop by and say hi. Let me know you are around and maybe we can grab some coffee before or after the event.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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