First Book Signing

On April 16th I had my very first book signing and it was AMAZING. I can admit, now, that I was scared out of my skin when I first signed up and as the date crept up on me I wanted to back out. I even talked about going to Cincinnati and not going to the signing, just hanging out and seeing the sights. Yes I know the dumbest thing I could ever do. I have my boyfriend to thank for not letting me give up, pushing me to swallow my fear and get moving.

I met some amazing ladies, Julie Haggard & Dani Hershberger, who made my experience what it was. They opened their arms and welcomed me into their circle. We sat at a restaurant for over six hours talking, laughing and drinking, hey we are adults.

I was also honored to have Amanda Walker sit at my table with me and make sure I didn't run. No, she was really there for moral support and she did an amazing job. I was even able to get her to take a selfie with me :-)

I want to thank Shanean Reed for an amazing event. I can't wait for next year when I can see my friends again and make new friends.

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