Jewels Found When Moving

I have lived in my current apartment for over seven years and I love it. I love how warm it gets at night, how much sun it gets in the morning and I love how I can walk to it from my car without looking. It's a small two bedroom, large living room and welcoming bathtub. Yes I love my apartment.

Earlier this month my roommate came to me and told me she wanted to love out, she was ready for a change. No we are not fighting. I was scared because I do not have money for a down payment on another place. After talking to my landlady I was able to get a one bedroom in the same apartment building.

Now for the part I really hate, moving. Do you know just how much junk I have accumulated over the years? Way too much for the small space I was living in. I swear I have no idea where it even was. As of today I have moved my kitchen, living room and closet into the new place and still the old apartment looks like I haven't touched it. The next two day are going to be extra long.

I know I rambled but I do have some good news out of all the moving, I found some old work of mine. I'm talking about things I wrote when I was in junior high. So I made a section for it and would love to share it with you. As I keep moving and finding these jewels, I will continue to post them. Stay tuned.

The Sound of Drums - poem done by me in nine grade.


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