I Am A Storyteller

I am a storyteller.

Now let me tell you what that means to me. I believe storytellers are born, not made. They are the ones who can take a small thought and shape it into an epic tale. Think of some of the greatest storytellers in centuries gone by; Shakespeare and Mark Twain, to name two. Their stories touched the lives of readers for years and will continue for many more to come. Each of their characters makes a reader like them or hate them, but no matter what remember them.

As a young child, after reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, I wanted to be more like Injun Joe. I wanted to hide in a cave and live off the land and be so free from society and expectations, oh and I really wanted to be a captain of a ship. When I was in high school and had to read Shakespeare I fell in love with how he turned a simple sentence into an epic journey, he made you care about his characters. He was a little long winded, but from him I didn’t mind.

Did these writers become sensations over night? Did their writings inspire masses right away? Absolutely not, but they didn’t let it stop them from moving forward, telling their story. This sets a storyteller apart from a writer. A writer will give up or just write when the mood hits, but a storyteller has an active mind that is always coming up with new plots and twist.

Am I saying I'm as great as they are, no not even close. I have notebooks and odd pieces of paper in a large tote in my room, filled with my writings. From plays I wrote when I was nine to poems I did for high school, I have kept everything I have ever written. As I look back on each story I notice I have a voice, a way of telling whatever story needs telling. Before it was my siblings who had to sit and listen to me tell it, but now I have a growing audience. I can only hope that one day readers will look at my work and think, “what would my life be like without her worlds.”

What authors do you hold in high esteem as storytellers? From this age or centuries ago.

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