Interview with Mary the Seer

This time the ladies over at Paulina's Realm of the Paranormal cornered Mary and asked her a few questions before she disappeared.

Felicia: Was there a time when you wanted to tell Milcah who you really were?

Mary: It might be hard to believe but I wanted to tell her every day but I had promised her mother to continue in her stead when she passed from this life. I am a seer and can see the past, present and future so I knew what was coming and if I had told her before she was ready the world would have been lost.

Martha: Were you ever in contact with the other witches that took the girls?

Mary: I wasn't and neither was Gigi, Milcah's mother. When they went their separate ways they had to break all contact so that they couldn’t be found. If one girl was found the rest of them would too. I did have visions of them but they were never clear and I started to block them after a while. Sounds bad but I couldn’t hope to protect Milcah while also having visions.

Felicia: Do you regret your lineage or destiny?

Mary: I don't mind being a seer, I love it on most days, but my destiny? I hated it. I can't give anything away but soon your eyes will be opened to the sacrifices the women of my bloodline have made. We are not given a choice and we cannot break the curse we carry. I can only hope that when the time comes for me to fulfill my destiny I can do it with as much dignity as all those who went before me.


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