Interview with John the Blacksmith

Today John took some time off from doing what he loves, making weapons, and answered a few questions from the ladies over at Paulina's Realm of the Paranormal.

Martha: What was the world like before magic became unbalanced?

John: Fun. I can remember actually making weapons and playing around with different spells to make them better. I made a hammer for a jokester once and when he hit someone it would send a shock through him. Everyone else thought it was funny, him not so much. I miss him, he went into hiding when our magic was blocked. Maybe once everything is normal again he will return.

Felicia: Do you miss the magic?

John: Goddess yes. I was already in my prime when magic was sucked from this realm and every day I wish for it back. I've heard warriors talk about how when they lose a finger or other body part they feel a ghost where it use to be. Sometimes I can feel my magic but when I call on it, nothing.

Martha: Do you create weapons to fit the user?

John: Yes each weapon can only be used by the warrior I make it for because I shape if to their hands, form and formally magic. Take into account Jarod's sword. It's a work of beauty but it's slightly heavy towards the tip because he tends to lean back and it reminds him to balance. Something so simple can mean life or death for a warrior in battle. Oh don't tell him I did that because he has no idea.

Felicia: Does blacksmith run in your family?

John: My fathers father was brought to the castle to be the blacksmith after he proved to be the best. When he joined his mate in the next cycle my father took his place and started teaching me everything he knew. I took over from him and hope to one day pass it on to one of my hatchlings or theirs. I tell people that liquid metal runs in my veins and if I was taken away from my forge I would die a slow and painful death.

Martha: Do you fear what the future holds if the witches can't be stopped?

John: Every day when I ask for the goddess blessing I also ask for her to guide our king in this battle. Parents want to leave a better world for their children and my mate and I are no different but if the witches continue the way they are going the corruption will reach our realm. I cry when I think of the damage she could do here and how my children could become slaves to such evil.

Felicia: How did you meet your mate?

John: She was the most beautiful female sitting in a group during one of the many social gathers we use to have. I told my father that I had found my mate and he laughed. I guess it runs in the family, we see our mates and a few weeks later we are together. She swears she didn’t see me until I worked up the nerve to approach her but I know she was looking. I'm huge and hard to miss. Every morning I look at her and thank the goddess that

Martha: When did you notice the shift in magic?

John: I was working in my forge when the magic was sucked from my body. I can't explain it to someone who has never experienced magic but it was like losing a leg and not knowing how or why. I can remember the blinding pain and hearing my mate cry out too. Some of those in our realm say that they didn't feel it right away but I think because my talent uses magic I was one of the first to feel it.

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