Why Do Family Hurt Us The Most

Have you ever sat in your room/car/porch and wondered how someone who proclaims to love you can hurt you? Sometimes what they say or do is worse then someone who tells the world they hate you. In recent weeks I have really been thinking about this.

Here let me tell you a story. I know a lady who is one of those people who's going to die and everyone is going to say, "There goes a saint." She doesn’t curse, has never drank or smoked. She has lived by the bible and after her divorce she gave her life to God. She has a kind word for everyone and will visit the sick, pray for their family and even help out those who have hurt her.

She raised four children, alone, and worked hard to get off public assistance. Night classes, part-time jobs and lots of prayers later she's making an amazing living, has a two bedroom, nice dog and loving children. You would think people would be happy for her. But she reaches out and family knock her down, make fun of her and she is the butt of almost every joke. No one sees how much this hurts her because she keeps getting up and keeps praying for those who hurt her.

As I get older and understand the dynamics of life I can better understand the late nights where I found her crying. What I wish others could see are the nights I woke up to hear her on her knees praying for those who hate her and treat her wrong. The days she went on long fasts in order to stand in the gap for those who would toss her into the streets. Or how about when all I can do is sit on her bed as she pours out her heart about how much she wishes she could find one person she could talk to and just have fun with.

If you don’t believe in angels, you should meet my mom.

She was not, for God took her. These are the words her kids will put

on her headstone.

* I know this is not book related but I had to get it off my chest.


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