I Read, Therefore I Review

When I first started this journey as an author, I had another first time author tell me she was going to stop reviewing. Her reasoning? She didn’t feel right reviewing her peers. I scratched my head in confusion. People who work in a bank will still review another bank. Bartenders will review other bar. It's not a point of reviewing your peers its letting others know you have read a book and you like it or didn't.

I believe as authors we should be more willing to review because we understand what reviews mean. Before I started reading to review I would buy a book without ever looking at what others said, I didn't care. Now I check out a few of the five star and some of the one stars, because I feel ever book falls somewhere in between. Reviews do matter, even if some people don’t read them. There are others who won't pick up a book unless it has a certain amount of reviews, I call those types snobs and others won't read a book without at least one non-five star review.

Now that I am juggling writing and working I do not have as much time to read but I try to make it count. I read indie, traditional and hybrids. I read novels, novellas and epics. I review.

When you read a book do you leave a review? How about reviews under 3 stars?


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