Two Authors Who Believed In Me

Here is where I should write down the name of well-known authors and brag about how reading their books made me want to write. I could but I won't. I

want to thank the two ladies who gave a small time blogger a chance.

I started blogging in 2014 because my older brother told me I needed to do something with my degree. My Facebook page (Dark Side of Romance) was my baby and I was so proud as I started to get likes. Ok so maybe of the first ten likes were my friends and they didn't really do anything but I still had ten likes. I decided to review two books I had just finished and thought people would come, two months later nothing. I was five months into blogging when something wonderful happened, Renea Mason & Valerie Twombly.

Renea writes some really steamy paranormal romances that are not even near the norm but they are such an amazing read that you will start and be mad when you finish. Valerie writes steamy, we your pants, paranormal romance about some very hot demons. When these two contacted me about reviewing their books I thought they were joking but after I received their books and did the review and they contacted me again, I was on cloud nine.

After a year of reviewing Valerie asked me why I didn't try and write myself. I laughed and then the bug bit me. Why didn't I try? I have been keeping a diary since I was nine, I had ten plays written before I was fifteen and I had a few short stories and poems hidden away. Taking a deep breath I sat down and started to write. I can't say the first few words were great or even good. OK I will be honest, they were so horrible I tossed them out and tried to pretend I never wrote them.

Now that I am a published author I have to give props to the two ladies who believed in a small time blogger and gave me a chance. They answer every instant message I send them and have talked me down from the wall, many times. They have given me useful advice and even told me to suck it up when I have ranted about stupid stuff. No matter how many other authors I talk to or get to know personally these two ladies will always be my heroes.

What author do you look up to?

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