Interview with Milcah from Stone Guardian

Last week we had a chance to hear from Jarod and he had some explaining to do when his mate read his interview. This week Martha (one of the Elementals) put Milcah in the hot seat and I think she's getting a kick out of being in the spotlight without actually being in the spotlight, if you know what I mean.

Martha: Do you think you can help your birth mother find mental peace and if so would you spare her life?

Milcah: I have never met my birth mother but have seen the damage she has done to the world through her actions. I want to believe I can help her see what she has done and correct the problem but after centuries of deceit can she really be saved?

If she can be saved would I want to spare her life? I don't know. How many people talk about changing only to repeat their mistakes again and if Lilith regresses who to say the Fae won't return and the world destroyed. I do not want to be the reason the world is no longer here.

I think it's better for her to start again in the next life and hopefully she will do a better job.

Martha: Do you plan on going back to the places where you lived to see if you can get more details about your past experiences?

Milcah: I asked Jarod if he would take me and he said when the world isn't as unsafe as it is now. I would love to see the different places I have stayed and maybe I can start to remember my mother, Gigi, the way she was before she became crazed. There has to be documentation of us living in these areas. Never know I could have a huge money bag hiding somewhere.

Martha: Jarod was an unexpected addition to your life do you truly believe that you're fated mates?

Milcah: When he first told me I had my doubts. I am that chubby girl no one really pays attention too. All my life, or the parts I can remember, I have been the outcast and not even the outcast guys would want to be seen with me. So how was it that the goddess had blessed me with the most gentle, handsome, caring male? He was important in his realm, a general, and I was still little ol' me. How would I even hope to be the mate he needs by his side. I still suffer with doubts and after seeing the female who he was with before he was turned to stone - I wanted to just walk away from it all.

I'm glad he wouldn’t let me. He is everything I ever wanted in a partner and I can't wait to see what our long lives have in store for us.

Martha: Do you feel that you can be strong enough when the time comes to fulfill the prophecy?

Milcah: No. I am scared all the time that I will fail and the world will fall into darkness. How can a girl who has no memory of her life, no true friends and conceived by an evil witch hope to save the world. Every day as I learn to use my magic I worry that I will do something to cause me to turn to the dark arts. Or I fear something will happen to my mate and cause me to turn to the dark arts. I can only hope that the light of my mate and the teachings of my mother keep me on the right path and when the time comes for me to stand beside the other four women I will not come up short.

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