Interview with Jared from Stone Guardian

I never wanted to have a street team. I was on a few and the author demanded members share their work and would delete those who didn't. When did our fans become our unpaid workers? I would rather have a group of ladies who love my work and want to talk. So I created a group for my fans. If you want to help me come up with cover ideas, get first pick at reading my new material and seeing some cool cover art, you should join here.

One thing my fan group asked for was interviews with characters and I asked them to come up with questions. So without further ado I had a few of my fans ask Jarod some questions. Enjoy.


Jena: How did you become a guardian?

Jarod: My father told me I was born a guardian. I have to agree with him. Usually gargoyles take on the roles their parents have and my parents were servants in the castle. I never took to those lessons and loved watching my best friend training. When I asked if I could be trained too I was happy to be told yes.

Only a select few make it to the guardian level and it takes hard work and dedication. I think when I lost my parents I threw myself into training and didn't breath again until I was general.

Martha: If Milcah decides she wants to stay in the human realm to help find lost and outcast witches would you be willing to stay and support her?

Jarod: I would never let her stay in the human realm. Her place is by my side and my place is by my kings side. Instead of having her to go the human realm I would ask my king to have the witches train here so they can learn to control their powers and only use good magic.

If something was to happen to her I would be lost, she is my world.

Martha: When you were encased in stone did you dream and were you able to feel when your fate was about to change?

Jarod: It’s a funny thing. I remember the battle and the seconds before being encased and I remember the second I felt my mate but the time in between is lost to me. I wish I could say I saw the world progress around me or that I was able to travel outside of my body but I knew nothing.

Crystal: I think I know the answer lol but what did you miss the most about your home when you were froze in statue form?

Jarod: I didn't remember anything from being encased but after I returned home I missed the food and companionship. I loved going to the warriors dinning hall and eating or going to the training yard and fighting. It angers me that I have missed so many years, no centuries, because one woman wants more then what the goddess gave her.

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