When I sat down to write my first book I tried to follow the advice of my English teachers and writ an outline. After a week of trying I started to get annoyed and thought I wasn't cut out to write. Finally giving up, on the outline, I wrote the first sentence and my characters started to talk. They didn’t want directions they wanted me to write their story, their way. Now I refuse to outline.

Not outlining has lead to some pretty amazing characters and scenes. A little secret, witches were never part of my plan. I went back and read my first draft and laughter. In my notes it says "wft witches?" Yup, I was surprised and in a good way. Another surprise was Michael's sexuality. I tried for months to hook him up with one of the witch females but it wasn’t working. When he was captured and tossed into the same room with Marcus I had an Ah ha moment.

So does this mean sometimes I sit at a computer and stare at the screen? Yes. Do I scream and want to bang my head into the wall? Hell yes. But I wouldn’t change my writing style for anything because of the small gems I find each and every time I start edits.

Now with all that being said I still need inspiration to write and if found it in my love for gargoyles. I love the stone ones, the ones in books, the ones in my head, hell I love them any way I can get them. I wanted to write a book that was fantasy with a touch of romance and a lot of magic. I also wanted to write about two people from two different backgrounds finding love and learning to trust each other, without one having to change. I fell in love with a white man and I never want him to morph into a black man just so I can love him more. I wanted to take that same concept into my books. These men and women are falling in love with a creature as old as time and they are going to love them in all their huge glory.

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Let Me Tell You A Secret

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