Nexella Other Series

Humanity has used every natural resource the Earth has to give and is now a generation from extinction.

Human women finding love in the arms of five strong males. 

When Bethany is offered a position in the botany lab aboard one of many space stations, she is elated. Not only will she be able to help mankind, but generations of her family will find a home on a new planet.

However, everything changes when an explosion hurls her through space and into the arms of five alien creatures who claim she is their Other. For the first time, Bethany feels as if she’s found a place of acceptance and love…but it comes at a price.

How can she choose between happiness, family, and the survival of humanity?

When Amanda is given an engineering position aboard one of the many space stations orbiting Earth, she finds herself grateful for the chance to escape the dying surface and put her talents to good use. But when one simple mistake creates an explosion aboard the station, her escape pod is hurled into deep space, and crash lands her on a desert planet.

After six long months alone, all hope is lost of a rescue—that is, until five alien humanoids show up and declare she is their Other. Amanda is torn between longing for home and her new could-be alien lovers. However, before they can explore any possibility of a relationship, they first must find a way to help a hostile species…or die.

Ruth has always been the tomboy, the last girl to be picked at the dance, but the first for any sport’s team. Offered the chance to go to space as a security officer, she leaves the toxic air of Earth for the recycled, clean air of a space station. She’s finally found a place where she can be herself—that is, until all hell breaks loose, and she’s forced onto an alien ship and into a cage.

Never did she imagine she would wake twenty years later from stasis; stolen, sold, and almost sold again—but Ruth does what she does best and survives. When five sexy aliens arrive in the middle of her escape, she has no choice but to let them help. But can she really form a bond with these beings who believe she is their Other when humanity’s lost people are still being held captive by monsters?

Jennie grew up post The Fall, and her life never slowed down. From constantly having to salvage anything her caravan could use to helping mothers with their new babies, she stayed busy from sunup to sundown. After her caravan was abducted and stranded on a planet outside Earth’s solar system, she continued to do as she had before.

It didn’t matter that there were aliens who looked like massive sexy beasts, searching for human women to call their own. Or that most of the women left in her caravan had already been chosen. She was happy with her life, or was she? Was there an alien out there who could take away her loneliness?