Taking It Another Step​

If you have made it to this page that means you are curious and I like people who ask questions. I'm a firm believer of no question is a stupid question, unless you ask it again in a different way and expect a different answer. I hate when people do that and try not to give them a dead glare. 

So what is a patron? Simple, it's someone who pays an artist so they can concentrate on their art. Many of the greatest artists had patrons, and what would the world be without their work? A dark and gray place.

I'm not saying I'm a great artist and the world will end if no one never read another one of my books. Well maybe it will because people won't know what to do when the aliens come. Here's a secret, go with them. Who wouldn't want to live among the stars and see hundreds if not millions of different species? 

One common concern I hear is how people don't have a lot of money to spare. Well, the good news is by becoming one of my patrons you are not doing all the work. For $1 a month you are helping me produce better books and I will send you greetings cards for most major holidays and your birthday. 

So how do you jump on this opportunity? Easy, click HERE and follow the directions. Never know you just may get a secret story. 

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