Eight new exclusive short stories about the power of love. 

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Contributing Authors

AR DeClerck is a wife, mother and dedicated healthcare professional. She spends her days wrangling kids, pets and work, and her nights writing romance novels from the comfort of her couch. AR believes that LOVE is the greatest adventure, and no one should ever forget how it feels to fall in love.

The Eye of Rima

Deep beneath the sea, the citizens of Atlantis live in relative Utopia. For young lovers Twila and Will, the holiday of Vividan has always been a time to thank the giant God Rima for all his blessings. When tragedy strikes, forcing Will and Twila to make a terrible decision, will they ever be able to forgive the God who watches over them all?

D.A. Stein writes to bring herself and others joy in the stories she tells. She likes to write in different genres to challenge herself. She lives in Los Angeles with her four-legged children.

A Vampire's Fantasy

Prince Sondrone awakens alone on an unknown world after being pulled through a dimensional cloud. Lost and confused, he seeks refuge in an homeopathy shop after being attacked. There, he discovers a woman beyond his wildest dreams. His family needs him. This isn't his world. So why does he only want to stay?

A woodland elf, happy with her house and business, Gail is content until a noble stranger stumbles into her life. He's unlike anyone else-- handsome, kind...and dangerous. She should keep her distance, but can't. And when he pushes her away, his rejection tears her apart. Sondrone should return to duty and family. Gail should protect herself. If their love isn't meant to be, why does it feel so right?

E.L. Roux writes science fiction and fantasy romances filled with love, hope, and heartache. E.L. pulls from everyday life, as well as futuristic ideas, to craft stories that can be enjoyed for quick reads, or longer sojourns into an alternate reality.

Unrequited Love

I might own a coffee shop, but it’s anything but normal. Magical and non-magical live in harmony, making me happy to serve them all with drinks I put my extra-special twist on. But watching Nathan, my ex-fiancé, sip lattés and ogle his new woman puts a damper on my own love life.

Until Cole sweeps me up and dizzies me with passionate kisses even as he asks me to perform a Wiccan vision quest for Nathan and his fiancé. I have to get over getting dumped or add two shots of resentment to my stinging heart—and possibly lose Cole in the process.

Elle Clouse has been writing fantasy and science fiction romance for years and an avid participant in the NaNoWriMo. Her first novel, Stealing the Wolf Prince, is a 2016 RONE Award Winner for Best Fantasy Sci-fi Novel.

Elle is happily married to a martial arts instructor. She’s also the mother of two small boys and is constantly talking her husband out of adopting a new pet. She knits and stamps in her spare time as well as feeds a latte addiction.

Cost of a Kiss

Desperate to make a good impression on her betrothed, Orla sneaked into the crazy wizard’s garden for an orchid.  Mistaking an elf for a fellow trespasser, she befriends the wizard’s apprentice Lonan.  Drawn together as friends, Orla and Lonan discover their worlds aren’t as perfect as they’re led to believe. When their friendship develops into more, what will be the cost of a kiss?

Jane B. Night was born in central Ohio. She graduated from Hocking College with a degree in Health Information Management. She has worked as a Medical Records Technician and a Switchboard Operator since earning her degree.

When Jane isn’t writing or working, she loves to read, play videogames, and take her children walking.


Kalinai's wants to marry a handsome warrior from her tribe but fate has other plans. After her father, the chief, meets with an allied medicine man, Kalinai is ordered to leave the only home she has ever known and travel to distant waters to marry a stranger. 
Wintano knows that without a Protector his people will perish but, he has already lost more than one wife when their body couldn't carry his child. The medicine man believes Kalinai's lineage gives her the power to birth a Protector but Wintano isn't convinced. 
When Kalinai arrives he knows he can't put her life at risk, even for the sake of his people, until she knows the truth. 
Can Kalinai learn to love her husband after learning he is no ordinary warrior?

When she's not hiking up the sides of active volcanos in the company of stray dogs, M. Garzon likes to take time to appreciate the fierce beauty of the natural world around her. She used to ride horses for a living, which was fantastic, but now considers herself extremely lucky to be a writer. She shares her home with two kids and five rescue animals.

The Race of Rats 

Shota desperately wants to do well at her new lab assistant job. It would be easier If only she weren’t working with awful Kent St. Clair. Kent thinks that kindness and comfort are wasted on lab animals.

He changes his mind when he finds himself mysteriously trapped inside the body of a lab rat. Shortly afterwards, Shota is fired and with her goes any chance of revealing the truth. In a week, the lab rats will be all be killed. Kent’s life rests uneasily in the hands of the girl he had disparaged and disliked. The girl whom, as a rat, he is beginning to love.

Monica Enderle Pierce writes fantasy and science fiction for adults. She loves world-building, historical settings, kicking the crap outta evil, and exploring love. She lives in Seattle with two people and three pets where she occasionally reads minds and sees through walls.

To Give Her Heart

Pauper. Protector. Whoreson. Once a notorious necromancer’s slave, Magod is Princess Arevik’s chosen Voice in Mourning. But he feels like an ox among peacocks at Tatlis Castle. And though he’s sworn to safeguard her, he’s stunned when that duty results in forbidden love, attempted murder, and a family’s disgrace.

Princess. Rebel. Witch. The youngest princess of Ursinum, Arevik mourns her murdered father. When her elder brother takes the throne, he commands her to marry for strategic alliances. Arevik does her duty, though it’s Magod’s affection that stirs her fierce spirit and her voice’s powerful magic.

An impossible love. A ruinous secret. Can Magod’s and Arevik’s love survive when lies hide behind courtly smiles and a kingdom’s future is at stake?

Paulina Woods lives in beautiful San Diego and enjoys the sunny weather. She writes fantasy romance with African roots and tries to incorporate African lore. She lives with a temperamental cat and a fifteen year old dog, they both run the house. When she's not writing she's playing video games or watching Investigation Discovery.


Five Hundred years. That's how long Hope has waited, prayed and begged for her mate to be healed.

Five Hundred years. That’s how long Raza has been locked within his mind unable to remember who he was.

When Hope is approached and told there could be a cure but he wouldn't be the same male she remembered, she was willing to take the chance if only to hold the male she loves in her arms again.

© 2019 by PAULINA WOODS.

All work is from the imagination of Author Paulina Woods