Love and War (Chronicles of Estoria #1) by Suzy Knight

In the small kingdom of Estoria, war is brewing. Trapped between the deadly Cantarrus mountains and the volatile kingdom of Belvidia, war seems unavoidable. The time has come to announce the heir to the throne so as to give the kingdom a much needed sense of security.


Sophia has worked long and hard to become the ideal queen. She is the toast of Estorian society and is ready to marry for duty. Her twin sister Amelia is her polar opposite; clumsy and opinionated Amelia might be fluent in several languages, but she cannot curtsy without falling over.


When Amelia’s betrothal to Prince Damon is announced, Sophia feels betrayed. Amelia is shocked and becomes paranoid that her unfeminine habits will cause the prince to call off the wedding, leaving Estoria to face Belvidia alone. Things get more complicated for Amelia when she begins to develop feelings for the handsome bodyguard sent by her future husband.


Amelia must choose; will she side with her sister, do her duty and marry the prince, or will her new found interest in marrying for love ruin everything? Love, duty or family; which would you choose?

Review by Paulina Woods

At first I was sure that his was going to be one of those books I had to work at getting through, but than I started reading. Holy cow people this book is an AMAZING read. From the moment Amelia is dragged in front of her mother for being unladylike I was in love. She had a mind of her own, took notice of everything going around her and had even warned the men of the stupidity of not guarding certain boarders to the kingdom. She was also loyal to a fault and clumsy and funny and…so much more.


On the other hand her sister was every girls nightmare. She was the second born, by only a few seconds, but she wanted to become Queen and did everything in her power to make sure her parents chose her when the time came. After talking to the author, Suzy, I understand that she tried to make Sophia more likeable but even towards the end I wanted to kill her and be done with it. She is a selfish bitch.


Oh but the men, yum on a stick. They were just like men were supposed to be. I loved how Prince Damon lets her think with her own mind, he doesn’t mind having a bride who is more comfortable in pants and hands on ruling. I feel sorry for the man who is going to be married to Sophia, I think that should be a story in itself “Poor man killed himself after being married two years”. That’s more of a headline than a title but it works.


I can’t wait to keep reading this series. With all the different cultures introduced it would be a shame not to revisit this world. This is a well-written book that will make you fall in love with some, hate others and have no idea what to do with the rest.

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