Lone Wolf's Captive by Sherilee Gray

He let her father chase him off once, but this time nothing is getting in his way.


Fletcher Stone was forced out of the pack life, and now he makes his living as a hired thug, living day-to-day without honour or commitments. Shame over his choices and his lifestyle keep him from returning to the pack to claim Delaney — the woman who holds his heart. But when a rival pack hires him to kidnap her, Fletcher takes his chance. Now he must convince her that he never wanted to leave…and reveal a betrayal that will break her heart.


Delaney Jones has spent the last five years convinced the man she loves is dead. Nothing else would keep him from her. So when Fletcher shows up, whole, healthy, and very much alive, she’s devastated — and pissed off. He broke her heart once and he's never going to get close enough to do it again.

Review by Paulina Woods

At 67 pages this was a very quick read for me, about an hour, but it was a great hour spent.


When I first read the blurb I was like “ok sounds like it could be fun”, by the second page I couldn’t stop reading. I love the idea of having a fated mate in the world, a soul mate who will be there for you no matter what. For Fletcher and Delaney this knowledge is slowly killing them because they were forced to separate. One was told the other was head while the other was force to leave the pack or watch their mate be sold to the highest bidder.


The pain and betrayal that Fletcher went through starting at such a young age made me want to be a shifter and kick some ass. No matter what life tossed at him he always had one goal in mind, take care of his mate.


I wish the book was longer, only because I want to see the pack dynamics at play. No cliffhangers, no unanswered questions. This book is what all short stories should be like.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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