Kiss of the Dhampir by Katrina LaFond

An ancient legend says, “A female dhampir will come, an accomplished vampire killer, a woman of incredible beauty, power and intelligence, who will find her destined mate among the vampires. He will be a man of magnetism, of sensuality and power, enough to match the dhampir, perhaps even stronger. He will be immune to her powers and she will be immune to his. And they will love each other, beyond all doubt, beyond all reason. One will die for the other and the survivor will go on, with all the powers of both, the most powerful being ever to walk the earth.”

Review by Paulina Woods

This is going on my must read five times in the next year list. How did I miss this author? The story was engaging and I fell in love with Marissa from the moment she was born. I like how the story moves through time and we get to see her grow and develop into a strong self reliant woman. I cried when the first man, Reece, betrayed her and wanted to kill him for taking her innocents away. After she ran from the only home she knew and stayed on the run for years I was surprised by her willpower and her drive to still complete her work of saving mankind from vampires killing for sport.


Along the way she had great female role models; Nurse Iris as a mother figure and Duanna, a fellow female damper, as a teacher. These two women are strong and loyal and with their help she learns to control her powers and welcome her differences to live another day.


I fell in love with the writing style. It didn't just jump ahead a few years, I lived her lonely life with her and watched as she lost just a little bit more of herself with each kill. Her deep need to be loved and cherished never diminished and when Jeremy walks into her life her guard was down and when it was his time to betray her I was shocked. I thought for sure he was a passing character.


Finally late one night she meets her destiny and I for one was happy it came in a sexy form named Gabriel. Now he was a wet dream come true but I could understand her reluctance to let any man close to her again. When these two finally let their hearts do the talking they became a force to reckon with.

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