Jacob (The Nightwalkers #1) by Jacquelyn Frank

Jacob the Enforcer belongs to one of the many Nightwalker races that thrive on the dark of night. He has a job to do for his species and it's rather straightforward. He polices his people. During the full moon their animal urge to mate overcomes them, and if they stay within their race they never need to encounter the Enforcer. But if they cross the line and turn their lust to another species...say humans...it's Jacob's duty to prevent them and then to punish them severely for it. As this 'madness' grows worse and worse for his people, there is hardly a family who hasn't felt the brutal sting of Jacob's justice. Punishment is so dire and so feared, Jacob can call very few others his friend and the life the Enforcer leads is a very solitary one.


Then one night during a hunt for one of his own, he encounters the first human woman who will tempt him in all of his 622 years of life. Isabella is a simple Bronx gal who works at her local library, lives with her sister and owns a cat.


She hardly expects a night of moongazing to change her life forever and send her falling for a man like Jacob in all kinds of outrageous ways. Heck, she certainly doesn't expect that he isn't exactly a 'man'... although he sure looks like one, smells like one and boy-oh-boy does he feel like one!

As for the Enforcer, Jacob finds himself tempted beyond reason, needing Isabella to the point that he begins to strain against every law he has always upheld.


But before long the couple finds themselves fighting for their lives against evil, Jacob's bretheren, and even their own desires for each other. How can they find the way to resist one another before Jacob faces his own punishments...or before Bella ends up dead, torn up from the animal passion inside of him that she, as a human, is too frail to ever endure?

Review by Paulina Woods

The Enforcer (Jacob) reminds me of the Guardian of Jennifer Ashley Shifter Unbound series. That is the only similarity because this book is in a league of its own.


I fell in love with every single demon introduced becaues Jacquelyn made sure to develope each character. Their love, fear, hate, and anger can be felt through every action.


Jacob is a man who is forced to live alone with few friends because he is the man who can and will bring justice to any demon who steps out of line. He cannot give any leeway to friends or family and when his name is mentioned it’s in whispers, with fear. He can count his true friends on one hand but they also live in fear that one day he will have to hunt them.


Isabella has always felt like there was more to life than what she can see. For as long as she can remember she has always loved the night, the moon has called to her. She is loyal to family and is hardwired to help those who are less fortunate. She also has a brain that seems to keep learning and no matter how much she studies its never seems to be enough.


These two are alone in the world but when they come into contact with each other it’s an instant connection, literally. They are the salvation for the Demon race and together they will bring a whole race into a better era. I loved the way they interacted and I can honestl say I can not wait to see just how this world unfolds.


So the next book is Gideon and I am going to start reading that one as soon as possible.

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