How to Date a Dragon by Ashlyn Chase

Bliss Russo thought nothing exciting ever happened in her life. Until her building caught on fire, and she had to be carried out of the flames in the arms of a gorgeous fireman. Sure, her apartment is now in shambles, and she'll have to start her huge work project completely from scratch. But at least her love life is finally looking up…if only she can find her red-hot rescuer again.Dragon shapeshifter Drake Cameron is the last of his clan, and the loneliness is starting to claw at him. He's met only one woman who might be able to stand the shock of his true nature. After all, she barely batted an eyelash when her home burned down. And feeling her curves against him was just as hot as the inferno. Just when he thinks he'll never track her down, she walks into his firehouse—with no idea what she's about to get herself into…

Review by Paulina Woods

When I think of dragons I think of majestic beings soaring over the land bringing protection or terror. Breathing fire and collecting as much treasure as they can, which just happens to be a lot. When given the power to transform into human form they became the stuff of wet dreams; strong, loyal and so damn hot/sexy. With the ability to transform to human they are also able to live for centuries. So I was happy and ready to start reading when I saw the cover to How to Date a Dragon…and Survive the Heat.


The first few pages had me hooked, Bliss is my kind of female character. She is strong, independent and had a very great sense of humor. First things first her humor is not for the tender hearted or for those who get offended easily. She tells it like she sees it and at the beginning of the book she’s in a competition for greeting cards. Her cards are for those occasions that normal cards don’t cover; breakups, mother-in-laws meddling, brothers pranks going wrong, etc. She has a mom who wants her to get married, to an Italian, and make lots of babies. She has a father who is loving but distant and two brothers who drive her crazy.


Drake is every woman dream. He is strong, loyal and a fireman. Because he’s a dragon he is fireproof and a perfect man to run into buildings most firemen are unable to. He’s runs into Bliss building and the way they meet had me laughing for a while. He had dreams of finding a nice dragon lady and having a bunch of dragon babies. He’s hoping to carry on the dragon race, even if he had to do it single handedly. He even gives online dating a try, can you say disaster.


If these two characters are not enough, enter a crazy Mother Nature and some other major and minor gods/goddesses and a psycho female dragon in heat.


This book is a hot read and that’s before you get to the sex. I didn’t know that this was the second book in this series but I am looking forward to reading the first one, Flirting Under a Full Moon.

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