Highland Push (Highland Destiny #3) By Laura E. Harner

The Highland Destiny saga continues in Highland Push, a tale of betrayal, murder, and magick spanning two continents and hundreds of years.


Using the spell of time shifting, Alexander MacLachlan says good-bye to his beloved brother, his brother’s wife, and his own darling Alysone—necessary sacrifices for the survival of Druidry. With his family far in the future preparing for battle, Alex must fulfill his destiny: find the Worthington heir, then kill and be killed.


Thrust forward to a time not her own, Alysone and the others discover precious few light Druids remain to offer their protection to Scotia and the world. As the time for the prophesied battle grows nearer, past meets present, and they realize someone besides Alexander is manipulating events. In a race against time, they must discover the lost secrets of Druidry, even as the members of the dark Bresal Etarlam work to destroy all that is light and claim the Druid legacy as their own.

Review by Paulina Woods

After the first two books I was ready for a rollercoaster ride that would end with a bang. I wasn’t disappointed but when I finished I had to take some time off, a whole day, to figure out what the hack just happened.


This is the story of Ian, Alex…ok this is no one persons story but a way of bringing everything together. Usually I only one to hear on story at a time but this time I didn’t mind because I got to hang out with some old friends, find out the connections and watch some powerful magic performed. The bad part was that the insecurities and the secrets of one woman may cost the good Druids the fight for the universe.


There’s not much I can say about this book without giving things way because many of the characters that show up have been missing in action and some of the relationships revealed makes a person want to scream. It was hard to guess what was going to happen next and much of it could have been avoided if the communication was a lot better.


The one thing I can say is that one of the bad guys seems like he just may come over to the good side and that is something I am willing to take, well not exactly. I HATE him, he has caused so much trouble and I just do not have it in my heart to forgive.


This is by far the most suspenseful of the series so far. I am scared to read the last because I know that it will not turn out the way I think it will/should. Let the fun begin.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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