Heat Reborn by Karida Clarke

Samuel, a Phoenix Warrior who monitors otherworldly interactions in the human realm, is eager to return to business as usual after his recent rebirth. Immersing himself in technology has always been enough before, but something seems to be missing now.


Hadia, a young Mauritanian woman, was rescued from a life of enslavement by her mentor, the Desert Witch. Together, the women have the task of guarding the Eye of the Sahara, a portal to other realms. When the portal begins showing signs of failing, the Desert Witch sends Hadia on a search for help.


Hadia has met Phoenix Warriors before, but nothing could have prepared her for Samuel and the threat he may pose to her freedom. Samuel communicates better with computers than people, but his desire for Hadia makes him uncertain whether to trust logic or instinct.


Can they restore the portal before the realm is overrun by evil? Or will their feelings compromise the safety of all humanity?

Review by Paulina Woods

An immortal warrior who loves technology more than most humans. Check

A sexy black woman who’s a powerful witch. Check.

A book is impossible to put down. Double check.


I started reading this book at lunch at work and had a hard time getting back into the grove of work. There is no way of finding a stopping point because the action keeps moving farward. I kept finding myself wanting to take breaks and even sat in my car after work to read a chapter.


Karida brings the characters to life and even though we met both main characters Hadia and Samuel in book one this one dives deeper into what makes them tick. Oh and the Desert Witch plays a bigger role, gods I love that woman.


So what makes this book worth reading? How about the fact that there is no way to hate some of the characters you should. I started to hope for a story with the main character being a minotaur. Oh and maybe a little more about a witch who makes an appearance.


I did have one small problem after reading the last word in this book…I have to wait for the next one to come out.

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