From Pack to Pride (Supernatural Mates #1) by Amber Kell

Book one in the Supernatural Mates Series When a wolf shifter joins a pride of lions, the fur flies.When Adrian is sent to live with the lion pride for his own safety, little does he know that the pride alpha is already culling him from the pack. With one picture, Talan knew Adrian was his mate.Now he has six months to persuade Adrian to stay in his pride forever and keep a psychotic wolf from killing him.

Review by Paulina Woods

A lion and a wolf walk into a bar…ok no punch line but damn if this book isn’t hot. When Adrian first came across the pages I pictured him as a runt of the litter. A small wolf and man who had to be taken care of. Because he’s a video game developer and baker I really saw him as a nerdy weak wolf.


Talan had all the traits of an alpha and than some. He was huge and I mean huge. He towered over everyone in the pack and was made from solid muscle. He ran his pride with a strong hand and made sure that everyone was happy and taken care of. When he was asked by a wolf alpha to take his brother in Talan knew his mate was on the way.


At first I was mad because instead of protecting his brother Adrian alpha packed him up and sent him away. But than the two predators met and I was lost. If two people were made to go together….it was them.


As a first read in a great series this book is one that I keep going back to when I have time or just want to get lost in a world where species doesn’t matter.

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