First Contact by Kat Green

Sloane Osborne is a paranormal realtor in the business of selling haunted houses but, in truth, she’s only searching for one ghost. And her time is running out. It’s the 366th day after her fiancé’s death. Michael used to like putting things off for “a year and a day”—so tonight’s the night. Sloane will do anything to make contact with him before the clock strikes midnight. When she gets a call to check out a home in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it’s the last place she thinks Michael would contact her. Sloane is dead wrong. Michael appears…and tells her to get out of the house. Immediately.

Review by Paulina Woods

Engaging story, good characterization, interesting and gripping.The story however lacks detail and depth that would make it truly satisfying. Solane is an interesting character and the connection with Jonah is defiantly heart rending. BUT there isn't much about the past or relationship in the story. Not too much character description or definition. 


 It was ok not something I would read again but ok

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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