Draw of the Bane by Amy Bol

Wolves are born to breed. And Mila's blood was some of the rarest and most coveted, the most arousing, regal…powerful. Yet, she lives alone; hiding in America since childhood as a refugee of a great den war, having already watched everyone she's ever cared about die around her. Still, she is done running and ready to take a stand. 

When Landon wanders onto her property hunting the wolves responsible for his parents' death, she allows the wounded human to recover in her home against her better judgment. They soon discover they share a common enemy, and an attraction unlike anything the strong, stubborn, and powerful young Blueblood has ever experienced. But when the looming battle descends upon them, they must both learn to trust each other if they want to survive. For, even as her enemies exist a continent away, the draw of the Bane in her blood will bring them only a heartbeat from her. But it was the heartbeat beside her that pounded the loudest, and the one that could be her undoing… 

Review by Paulina Woods



This is a book about the most basic instinct of any species, survival.


For as long as Mila can remember she has been training to survive. Running from a den war she is hidden away in America with her nanny and a guard. Knowing no other way to protect her they teach her every trick they know so that no wolf can find her. Finally tired of running and having lost everyone who she loves she takes a final stand.


Landon is not the typical alpha; ok he’s not even a beta male. He is very easy going, jokes a lot and loves to laugh. He knows how to rigs some really cool contraptions and any man that knows his ways around a simi automatic is welcome in my bed, well maybe. He was born to protect and when he meets Mila he is actually hunting the alpha who ruined his family.


I was really hoping that Mila long time wolf companion, Bartok, would turn out to be a shifter also but alas…no. I guess I’m a romantic like that. I WANT TO BUY A WOLF.


Amy puts a lot of details into her scenes especially the fight ones. In all, the only part I was kinda let down on was the ending of the final battle. I guess I was expecting something different.


I cannot wait until the next book, Rise of the Red Wolf, comes out.

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