Demon Possession (Shadow Quest #1) by Kiersten Fay

After being enslaved on the spaceship Extarga for most of her life Analia has no memory of her life before, and has lost all knowledge of her people. Her mysterious gift and pointed ears are the only indication that she is different.Analia is alone, and for all she knows, she's the last of her kind. By chance Analia escapes her captors, and hides herself on the merchant ship Marada, planning to get off at the very next stop.


Unfortunately for her, there is no next stop. The crew is planning a delivery that could take months, and according to a stipulation in the newly signed contract, no one is allowed on or off the ship until the package is delivered. When Analia is found by a handsome demon, and captain of the Marada, she must adapt to her new role on the ship, and try to control her newly awakened desire for the brutal, and devastatingly erotic demon.

Review by Paulina Woods

There went my day. I woke up with the plan to clean my house but than I checked my phone for messages and my finger found my kindle app. That’s all she wrote. I was given Demon Possession by the author or an honest review and I had put it on the back burner for a while. I just wasn’t ready to read it and I am glad I saved it. This book took me to a place I have dreamed of since I have been five, space. I love reading about the different races, planets and conflicts out there. Author Kiersten Fay didn’t disappoint in any way. I couldn’t put this book down and yelled, cried and talked my way to the very end.


So what was so great? The characters. Each one fought and found a home in my heart. From the most developed main characters to the less developed supporting ones I just wanted to crawl on the Marada, the home ship for this book, and become part of the crew.


Sebastian is a demon who had to flee from his home world as it was being destroyed. With only his brother and sister they stole an invading merchants ship and made it into deep space. From that day on he refused to let any one close to him and ran his ship with an iron fist. As a demon he had to fight to keep say, keep away from the Edge but finding his mate changed all that.


Held captive for as long as she could remember Analia had been born the youngest princess of a very successful powerful world. Ripped from the arms of her mother and made to serve a horrible man she never lost her sweet spirit and when given the chance escaped onto the Marada.


Watching these two find and hold on to love while Analia learned about her powers, was just so heartwarming. Sebastian had no idea what to do with a woman who had never tasted the finer things of life and Analia had not idea how to handle a man who had seen the universe and all the evils it held. Together they make a powerful couple and as an introduction to a new series this book is a must read.

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